What Mom Has Left

Educational background

I first became formally involved with art in high school, having lived next door to Jean Jenkins, art teacher with the Palo Alto Unified School District.  I studied art with her both at school and in her converted garage-studio.  We did projects in oil, acrylic, wax encaustic, egg tempera, and enamel on copper.

At UC Berkeley (BA Eng. Lit. 1969), I took courses in color, drawing, painting, and art history.  I have worked as a nurse practitioner for 40 years.  I lived and worked in Europe for 2 years, resuming painting for a time.  We moved to Fresno in 1977 where I studied with Suzanne Sloan Lewis and Mac Mechem, then joined Fig Tree Gallery in 1995.  In 2005, I opened at Broadway Studios in downtown Fresno, showing monthly at Art Hop.


Oil, assemblage.



Since 1994 I have shown at various local venues, including Fig Tree Gallery, the Fresno Art Museum, Broadway Studios, Fresno City Hall, Theatre 3, and a number of commercial galleries.